Safar Sahyadri Squad

Kiran Bhalekar
Kiran Bhalekar Founder
Kiran has accomplished 200+ treks till date. After such a great experience, he still thinks that Sahyadri can offer new things to him on every trek. He is having the best management skills with a caring and disciplined nature. Such characteristics define him, LEADER. He has completed his education with a BCom degree from Mumbai University. He is cashier by occupation and trekker by hobby.
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Tushar Shingare Co-founder
Tushar is doing treks in Sahyadri Mountain range since 2013. Till date, he has successfully completed 200+ trek summits. He has completed BAF. He is having a passion for drawing. As an artist, he gets closed to nature which diverts him towards writing and trekking. With his team, he is putting the best efforts to create awareness among people about forts in Sahyadri and great history behind them.
Amar Gorule Co-founder
Amar has accomplished various treks in Sahyadri Mountain range. During treks, he has experienced so many things. Those things always help him to bring his overall personality to the next level. He loves photography due to wandering. He is always trying to communicate with nature in his own way. During treks, he keeps all members of his team motivated. His helping natures bring people close to him.

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